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Blueberry Yum Yum

uplifting, focused & giggly energy with aromas of blueberry, mint & pine. in the words of Luda “Got that blueberry yum yum & it's that fire”


Space Queen

this queen will take you straight to space with notes of apple, cherry & intense, trippy, relaxing effects


Sour Diesel

energizing, creative & earthy, this dank stank will cover any smell. intensity level: running through a field of Sour D


Pineapple Punch

a fruity punch straight to the nosebuds, this delicious freshy will transport you to the tropics & open your senses for nature appreciation & social gatherings


Blue Dream

for days when the rain cools the earth & a nap is in order, pop one open for sweet dreams. gentle cerebral invigoration with notes of citrus, berry & spice


Jack Herer

an oldie but goodie celebrating innovator, creator and leader, Jack Herer. Blissful, clear headed & notes of pine